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The FREYA Project

Unlock Performance
Through Hormones

Take advantage of our FREE resources created to help female athletes thrive and get the results they deserve!


Welcome to
The FREYA Project

Join us in revolutionizing female-specific nutrition, training, and recovery, to empower every athlete in reaching her full potential.

for Female Athletes

We're on a mission to educate coaches and healthcare professionals about the groundbreaking science of female-specific nutrition, training, and recovery practices. Simply, our movement is dedicated to empowering female athletes at every level (from youth sports → their professional career) to embrace their physiology and work with their cyclic nature rather than against it.


While female athletes were historically excluded from exercise science, it is no longer sufficient to treat female athletes like smaller versions of their male counterparts.


Join us in redefining research, teaching athletes how to go about balancing their hormones for life-long health, and supporting wellbeing (as well as peak performance) throughout the menstrual cycle. Together, we're rewriting the playbook for practitioners working with female athletes to help provide the support and attention that female athletes deserve.

Our Focus.

Redefining research

Research has overlooked female athletes for decades, making it difficult for practitioners to do anything but apply what worked for males to females (and scratch our heads when the expected results didn't always follow).


Today, the tide is shifting, and more science than ever is focusing on females. The FREYA Project is committed to changing the game by keeping coaches and healthcare professionals up-to-date on emerging and evolving science specific to female athletes.


Join the movement and stay in the loop!

Balancing hormones for health

Balanced hormones are crucial to the health and performance of female athletes.


We are pioneering evidence-based protocols to optimize this balance throughout the season, supporting athletes in chasing new personal bests without sacrificing their health status.


By offering a new avenue to address RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport), we are committed to empowering female athletes to thrive both on and off the field, helping them achieve their full potential in a sustainable way.

Thriving throughout the menstrual cycle

Understanding the menstrual cycle's impact on training, nutrition, and recovery is key to achieving peak performance in any phase. 


While it may not always be practical for a coach to individualize every team session, professional organizations (with male and female athletes) are increasingly utilizing wearable technology to better meet individual athlete needs and get better results. As more organizations at the collegiate and elite youth levels begin to recognize the benefits of individualized support, we help coaches educate athletes to tailor their approach to each phase, maximizing performance and well-being. 

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Experience the game-changing results of working WITH female hormones instead of AGAINST them with our FREE Secrets of Hormones & Performance Masterclass.

Get Involved

Join the Movement.

We've made the science of hormones simple! Take advantage of FREE resources to learn how we can support female athletes to reach their full potential.


Start by taking a QUIZ to assess your knowledge about female hormones 


Get instant access to download

our HANDOUT with female-specific nutrition recommendations


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How much do you really know about your female athletes?

Discover the latest in female-specific nutrition, training, and recovery practices!

About Us.

Founded with the purpose of improving support for female athletes, The FREYA Project is far more than just a project—it's a movement dedicated to changing the game for females in sports across all levels. Led by a team of current and former athletes, coaches, parents of athletes, and healthcare professionals, we're committed to sharing the latest research, ongoing conversations, and practical applications focused on better supporting female athletes at every stage of their journey.

Join us and become part of a movement that's transforming the way we approach female athlete care. Together, we can unlock the full potential of every female in sports.

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Nikia Evans, MS, CSCS

Meet the founder of

The FREYA Project

Nikia Evans, MS, CSCS is a former collegiate and professional soccer player...

Nikia Evans is a former collegiate and professional soccer player, current human performance coach, nutrition researcher, and medical student at OHSU. As the founder of The FREYA Project, she is dedicated to revolutionizing female athlete care through education and empowerment.

Reach out about the
FREE resources available for your athletes.

Are you looking to enhance your team's performance? We offer free resources, including team workshops, coach consultations, and community events. Get in touch to learn more.

Team Workshops

Equip your team with the knowledge they need to succeed on and off the field.


Designed to educate and inspire, these sessions cover a range of topics tailored to female athletes, from nutrition and training to recovery and thriving throughout the menstrual cycle. 

Coach Consultations

Get help navigating sport-specific challenges and supporting the unique needs of female athletes.


Our coach consultations are designed to empower coaches to bring out the best in their athletes. We're here to help troubleshoot and enhance your team's overall performance with successful implementation.

Community Events

Consider an educational talk on female-specific sports science for the coaches, parents, and practitioners in your circle.


From interactive sessions with storytelling by our former athletes to panel discussions and networking, our events offer valuable insights and resources supporting the advancement of female athlete care.

Reach out today to discover how our FREE resources can benefit your team and help female athletes thrive!

Team Resources

Meet the Team.

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Nikia Evans, MS


OHSU Medical Student

Melissa Novak, DO


OHSU Associate Professor of Family Medicine

What do you actually know about the menstrual cycle?

Challenge your understanding of hormones and their role in female athleticism.

Get involved to deepen your knowledge and support the advancement of female athlete care.

Be sure to grab the most up-to-date essentials for female athlete-specific nutrition!

Get the Female Athlete Nutrition Protocol

Did you know that female athletes have different nutritional needs than their male counterparts?


The first ever ISSN Position Stand on the nutritional concerns of the female athlete was released in 2023. We've distilled this groundbreaking science into an easy-to-understand handout for coaches, athletes and their parents, and healthcare pros alike.

Get instant access to download the HANDOUT after taking the QUIZ to better understand hormones and their role in female athleticism. 

The Essentials of Female Athlete Nutrition (Handout) (9).png

The Essentials of
Female Athlete Nutrition

Groundbreaking new science distilled into an easy-to-understand handout for coaches, athletes and their parents, and healthcare pros alike.

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